dynamite: fast numerics for quantum spin chains

Welcome to dynamite, which provides a simple interface to fast evolution of quantum dynamics and eigensolving. Behind the scenes, dynamite uses the PETSc/SLEPc implementations of Krylov subspace exponentiation and eigensolving.

Quick start

To run the tutorial, install Docker (or any software that can run docker containers), and run

docker run --rm -p 8887:8887 -w /home/dnm/examples/tutorial gdmeyer/dynamite:latest

Then follow the last link in the output (it should start with Start the tutorial by launching the notebook 0-Welcome.ipynb in the left panel.


dynamite is in beta! You may find bugs. When you do, please submit them on the GitHub Issues page! Additionally, you may want to check you are getting correct answers by comparing a small system to output from a different method.

How to cite

Currently, the best way to cite dynamite is by citing the Zenodo repository. A manuscript is coming soon!

Publications using dynamite

The following list is likely incomplete, please let us know of any publications that should be added!

This package was created by Greg Kahanamoku-Meyer in Prof. Norman Yao’s lab at UC Berkeley.